Thursday, 10 November 2016


Today is the first World Keratoconus Day organised by The National Keratoconus Foundation in the US. Their aim is to spread the word all over the world. #WorldKeratoconusDay
So today, I'm spreading the word by celebrating and announcing that on top of Barbican Insurance providing the Keratoconus Group (UK charity) with £7,500 this year, I've also received a charity award from Lloyd's of London with a donation of £2,000! In 2012 the charity had only received about £5,000. By the end of this year, we would have donated a total of £22,500!
Our fundraising has helped in many ways but one thing that really stood out to me is that the charity has been able to accept a grant for research at Moorefield's Eye Hospital this year (images below), in hope to find the cause behind this awful condition. The fundraising can't stop here, the more we raise, the more support we can give!
On a day as important as today it would be amazing to see more donations. Please click on the link below to donate:
It doesn't matter how big or small, anything would make a difference to such a small charity.
Thanks to everyone who have donated so far and especially to Barbican Insurance for all of their support.

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