Friday, 29 January 2021

Overall fundraising efforts

The fundraising activities you see published in this blog have gone towards the UK Keratoconus Self-Help and Support Association and has enabled them to remain solvent and make some valuable donations. 

Prior to the fundraising efforts from myself and the company I work for, they ran on a very unreliable income stream, which only just about covered their printing and postage costs. During the early stages of the fundraising the funds went towards the 2016 conference, for which they did not receive a lottery grant for. It also enabled them to contribute funds to the Moorfields/UCL Genetic study. Since this time, they have been funding the training of 4 NHS optometrists in the specialist fitting of Sclaral lenses and have contributed a further two small grant awards in partnership with Fight for Sight who matched their contribution. The first award in 2018 was into the relationship of corneal nerves and KC and the second in 2019 was towards the development of specialist spectacle lenses to reduce the reliance on contact lenses. 

They ended up receiving a lottery grant and their finances are in a much better state than they expected. They also now continue to receive funding requests from others. 

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