Friday, 11 January 2019

What it's like to see through someone else's eye - Metro News Article!

Finally, people are speaking up about the lack of cornea donors!

I've just read a really interesting and heart-warming news article on patients that suffer with Keratoconus and have required a cornea transplant.

Waiting lists are still long and in 2017, the number of eyes in banks in the UK were 21% below what is needed.

According to NHS Blood and transplant, for those who choose to omit one of their organs from donation, the corneas were the most popular at 10.6%.

These patients have been lucky enough to receive a donor cornea, one quoted "It didn't just change my life. It changed my little boy's life too. He's three and what human being doesn't want to improve the lift of a three-year-old? I explain to him that somebody gave mummy a really amazing present and now mummy can see better".

Another quoted "My right eye has seen significant changes, and it's made me realise how bad my left eye really is in comparison".

Please take some time to read this news article

It just shows the importance of cornea donors! It only takes two minutes to join the NHS Organ Donor Register at

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