Monday, 16 October 2017

Speaking to those who suffer!

On Saturday 14th October I attended the Keratoconus Group AGM meeting at Moorfields. These meetings are held twice a year and a great opportunity to find out the different treatments available, ask questions and to meet others that suffer with KC.

I learnt that there is no way to track the progression of KC and each individual who suffers is effected differently.

There is no better place to go other than Moorfields! I highly recommend them for their support, consultants and variety of treatments available. Other hospitals don't always offer all treatments for those who are early stages of KC.

Speaking to others, I've realised even though there is a support group, they found it difficult to find the different treatments available and to speak to others in the same situation. Social media is huge in today's society and we need to take that as an opportunity for raising awareness and coming together to share our experiences.

We're all individuals but we're in it together to raise awareness!

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