Monday, 26 September 2016

Keratoconus Group 25th Anniversary Conference

Thanks to all the fundraising efforts so far the KC group were able to organise their largest event this year which I attended on Saturday 17th September.

The Keratoconus Group 25th Anniversary Conference was organised for members which celebrated 25 years since the very first KC Group support meeting and 20 years since they became a registered charity.

Mike Oliver (Chair of the charity) had made a couple of funding applications to help cover the costs of the conference however the money that I’ve raised together with Barbican Insurance had contributed significantly. The members of the KC Group could not thank me enough at the conference and said our fundraising has helped enormously.

It was also announced at the conference that the KC Group were able to approve a grant for funding a research project that is part of a larger programme of genetic research into Keratoconus, led by Stephen Tuft, corneal consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital. It was mentioned that in previous years, the KC Group would have had to say no to a request like this, but thanks to our efforts, they have been able to approve the grant. I’ve also been given the opportunity to visit the research facility at Moorefield’s Hospital.

It was amazing to hear that our fundraising efforts have had a huge impact for the KC Group and we will continue with our support.

There were some great speeches from professors, ophthalmologists and members themselves who helped support others who are suffering.

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