Thursday, 11 June 2015

Around The World In 80 Days Barbican Charity Challenge

The Barbican Charity Group are delighted to announce the 2015 Barbican staff charity initiative: ‘Eighty Days Around the World’ to raise awareness for three charities including Keratoconus. The challenge is to see whether Barbican staff members and contractors can collectively walk, cycle, run, swim, sail etc the equivalent circumference of the earth (40,000km) in 80 days.
We will be organising a number of group events (starting with the Crisis run on 11th June and ending on 30th August). I will be updating my blog as we do these group events.
As well as participating in group events, individuals have also set themselves targets during the 80 day period to help complete this challenge.
We will be recording the mileage through a Strava Barbican Group account, Barbican pedometers and self-assessment if Strava or pedometers are impractical.  
I have set myself the challenge to ice skate and cycle 200k within the 80 days!
You can track us but clicking:
We’ve also set up a just giving page for all donations:

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