Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Eye appointment two years after CXL surgery

After having an eye test on Tuesday 15th April I'm happy to confirm my eye sight has started to stabilise.

The optician was amazed at how well my eyes have healed since having Collegan Cross Linking (CXL) in March 2013.

Although CXL is not 100% proven I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers with Keratoconus (KC). I would also advise seeing an ophthalmologist privately so you are seen immediately. I understand this treatment is costly but to me eyes are one of the most precious organs in the body. I'm aware CXL is now on the NHS however you could be waiting months to have this treatment and depending on the progression of your condition you could be too late.

My optician also mentioned that I was the second woman she had seen in four years who suffers with KC and explained the majority of her KC patients are male. It took her by surprise when I also told her KC is not genetic in my family.

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